Orbit Exchange -  deposits and withdrawals


Deposits can be made through the Bet-football website, for this you will have to log in with the data you chose when registering with the broker, click on payments, choose the deposit method and amount to be deposited.

Q: How long does a deposit take to be credited into my account?

A: Deposits are generally credited into your account immediately. Once a deposit is confirmed, you will see the amount in your balance on the Bet-Football site - displayed at the top, next to your username. 

 Q: I just made a deposit, but I don’t see it in my Bet-Football balance...

A: Once a deposit is completed successfully, you will see this in your Bet-Football balance, displayed at the top, next to your username. 

We will follow your instructions and transfer your funds to the requested account(s). You will then see the funds in that specified account(s). During operating hours and upon your deposit being successful, we aim to complete requests within 15 minutes. 

Please note - when funds are moved into your requested account(s), your Bet-Football balance will decrease.

For example: There are zero funds in your Bet-Football balance. You deposit 100 EUR and instruct us to transfer this to your Orbit Exchange account. Your Bet-Football  balance will first show 100 EUR and then 0 EUR once funds are transferred to Orbit. Your Orbit Exchange balance will be updated to show an increase of 100 EUR. 

 Q: What is the minimum deposit amount?

A: The minimum deposit amount is 30 EUR per transaction for all payment methods. Please note: there might be charges applicable for any amount under 100 EUR. Other charges may apply for particular payment methods.

 Q: What is the maximum deposit amount?

A: Each payment method has a maximum deposit amount. You can view the min. and max. deposit amounts above. You can make more than one deposit with each payment method. If you wish to deposit more than the maximum, please make multiple deposits. 

 Q: Is there an admin fee when I make a deposit?

A: There are no administration fees for making a deposit over 100 EUR. If you want to deposit any amount over 30 EUR but under 100 EUR, we will credit your account with 1.5 EUR less.



Choose your deposit method



You can deposit in real time to your Orbit Exchange account without waiting.To load your account automatically follow the steps below as in the screenshots (you must have a balance in your Bet-Fooball account for you to be able to do this)

Step 1 - Transfer

Step 2 - Choose the bookmaker account and immediately the money goes from your Bet-Football account to the bookmaker's balance.


can be made via Skype from via Skype user: or via email to, via Skype it is a very quick operation usually takes just 5 minutes to receive the money requested to withdraw from your electronic wallet.
  • Skype username of the broker:
Q: How long does a withdrawal take to be credited into my account?

A: All withdrawals are processed via the various e-wallets or card payments and should reach your account within 24 hours or less. Funds will be deducted from your betting account, moved to your Bet-Football wallet and taken out of your Bet-Football wallet within 15 minutes during our operating hours.

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

A: The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 EUR per transaction (please note that any amount lower than 200 EUR may incur fees).

Q: What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

A: The maximum withdrawal amount is based on the funds available to withdraw from your betting account(s). 

Q: Is there an administration fee for withdrawals?

A: We offer TWO free withdrawals per calendar month with a minimum of 200 EUR. Any successive withdrawal requests will incur a 1% fee. 

Any amount over 100 EUR and under 200 EUR will incur a 1.5 EUR charge.

Every ecopayz withdrawal will always incur a 1% fee.

Q: What information do I need to provide to make a withdrawal?

A: We will ask you to provide relevant information including: amount, account to withdraw the funds from, username, method payment and the relevant information of that payment (e-wallet email address, bank account or card number).


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